30 faces in 30 days

Updated: Apr 1

I don’t think of an artist as some special classification of person. Literally everyone has creative ideas in their head. What makes someone an artist is the ability to get ideas out of their head and get in front of an audience.

Like most people I often get caught up thinking about stuff, instead of actually doing stuff. So in an attempt to get out of my head, I want to stop brainstorming and just get art done. Kinda like Nikes catch phrase Just do it. Just do art!

My new focus is cosmetics. I’ve been experimenting with makeup artistry on and off for years. Learning all the tools to the trade. Passively watching tutorials. Browsing through inspirational Pinterest photos... etc. it’s actually very counterproductive because I’m not a visual learner at all. I’m a very tactical learner. So my new goal for this year is to put the brakes on endlessly searching for inspiration and accelerate the pace of my learning by committing to doing a ton of faces in a short window of time. I’m going to do a 30 faces in 30 days challenge.

So this is the plan. I’m going to schedule 30 different models to arrive at the studio. Probably three or four at a time. I will do each model's makeup. Some neutral and some super creative depending on the models taste and comfort level.

Each model will receive dozens of images. Some beauty headshots and some fashion images featuring my handmade sewing projects. It's going to be not only going to be a creative challenge but a logistical one too. This undertaking will not only accelerate the growth of my portfolio but also allow me to expand my network. Looking forward to it. If you or a small group of friends want to reach out and model my makeup artistry please reach out!

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